Monday, August 22, 2011

Straight To You

And just like that... Summer is over.  The last few weeks have been incredible! So much has happened and I have so many great memories to treasure. First of all... this past Wednesday I went to L.A. with a dear friend of mine to see a concert.

For those that don't recognize this gorgeous profile, let me introduce you... Meet... Josh Groban.  Mr. Groban has been a constant companion to my ears for many many years now. I remember chilling on my bed at 12 years old with my walkman CD player (oldschool right? haha) and Josh's voice serenading me into that magical place that only great music can take you.

The concert was incredible! I saw him live last October for the first time and it was a small venue and a really relaxed feel, but this was out of this world. First of it was at the Staples Center in L.A. The feel of the stadium was electric! It was a full house and the energy was amazing! The stage was spectacular.

The back ground wall was all white, and they would project different things onto it. Beautiful. These pictures were taken from the concert program. 15 glossy pages of gorgeous pictures....

We also got to visit a few thrift shops, then we headed home Thursday and cought a showing of Steve Carell's new flick "Crazy Stupid Love". I am not normally a fan of Carell's, but we went for the reason that Josh Groban had a small roll. Haha. He only had 2 small scenes, but It was worth it.

The moment I got home my family and I got in the car and headed for San Diego. I was exhausted. I was seriously home for about 3 hours and then back on the road again!! It was great though. We visited the San Diego Zoo! I had never been there before and we had a grand ol' time. While we were there I fell in love...

 with a Koala! Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your entire life?!? It was amazing how he just balanced there. Not a care in the world. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

We got back home Saturday and then half an hour later went to a house concert at a friend's home! It was great with a local band and great catered gourmet pizza! Over all a wonderful last week of summer.

And todays outfit...

School began for me today; though I can not complain one bit because of the fact that the day consisted of piano this morning and ballet at 5:30. Great day!!! This is my last semester at our community college and it is a very east one.

This book and bumblebee locket was a gift from my parents for my birthday last month. I adore it. It is from the lovely Molly of the etsy shop MollythePirate. Check her out here

And here is Mr. Groban for my enjoyment and hopefully yours too. Have a great week my dears.

Outfit details

Dress, belt, shoes: Thrifted
Locket: MollythePirate on etsy
Socks: Kohls