Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mission Life

I lack savviness in technology. It is a sad truth that I have come to accept. I have accepted it but now I want to change it. I have begun research (haha it sounds so formal but its not) on different things that will help me along on my blog. I am hoping that I can turn this blog into what I have imagined in my head. First order of business is Pictures. Picture quality is what is really bothering me at the moment and I was tempted not to post until I had figured it all out. But, I will be victorious!! Oh yes I will!  I know it will take me some time and I am ok with that. But that is no reason not to post I suppose. 

So... on Saturday I went to La Purisima Mission with my dear friends Gabrielle and Sarah. Dear Summer how I love you!

I had not been to the mission since elementary school! Oh the old grade-school days. *sigh*
It is such an amazing place that has such great California history within its walls! This mission is located in Lompoc, CA and sits on El Camino Real (The Royal Road) that runs up the coast of California. Twenty-one missions were built along this road, by the spanish, from 1683-1834.  La Purisima was founded in 1787.

I  love this courtyard!

So this was my first time officially taking outfit pics for Cello&Bow! Can you say awkward! I have never never ever been comfortable in front of the camera... So this will be another welcomed challenge to conquer. So, bear with me as i find my way. 

Listening to:  "Gravity" by Lucy Schwartz

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Emma said...

That sounds like such a fun trip! Your shoes are super cute! Also, don't worry, I'm not very tech savvy and I'm still trying to figure out things to fix for my blog too.