Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The weather has been incredibly wonderful and warm lately here in California. A few days back I headed to the beach with some family and we had a lovely time together.

This is Pismo Beach.  It is about a 25 minute drive from where I live and is part of California's glorious Central Coast. What a beautiful world we live in!! My Goodness!!!

This is my handsome brother, Matt, with his lovely girlfriend, Karly. They are looking out at the great Pacific Ocean from the Pismo pier. I am so glad that I was able to capture such a sweet moment!

We also ate at The Splash Cafe. It is a local dive. They have the most delicious clam chowder in bread bowls you will ever find. That is in my personal opinion. The cafe's clam chowder is award winning and completely deserves it. 

                               (All photos by me)

It was a lovely day indeed.

Till next time,


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Lidiya said...

The location is absolutely stunning <3