Monday, October 10, 2011

History of Painters

Life has been going by at a speed that is too fast for my liking. October is here and I hope time slows a bit so that October loveliness can be enjoyed fully. As with many other bloggers, fall is my favorite season and I am so happy for its arrival.  

On a different note, I have decided that I will make Mondays my music inspiration day. If I were to pick the one thing in this world that means the most to the health of my heart (besides the fellowship I share with people I love and adore, of course), it would be music. I love every thing about it, both listening and playing. I play the violin, a bit of piano, and I love to sing. I am also trying to teach myself the cello and guitar. But I find listening to music just as heart filling as playing it. So, I have come to decide that I will share the music that inspires and makes me happy.

I have decided to begin with local bands that I love from my area! For my first music post I have chosen not only a local favorite, but one of my absolute favorite musical acts period... History of Painters. They are a local band from San Luis Obispo, California. I can not say enough about how amazing these guys are! They play quite a few local gigs, but I hope they get more exposure, for they are truly talented. 

This second video was filmed for a nationwide contest where they received  6th place! Also, you can get a peek at where I live in this second video for it was filmed on location here on the Central Coast of California! I am so blessed to call it home!
If you like what you here you can find them on their myspacereverbnation , or facebook pages.

There are few things that give me more pleasure than sharing musical findings with people. I would love to hear what you are listening too!

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Lidiya said...

I'm so happy to be introduced to this band, I adore their music <3