Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sassafras and Briertone

I know that it is no longer monday, but here is my music post for the week.
We have such great talent here in my area and I love sharing it with people! This past Friday I went to a concert at a local Brewery. A few local bands played their music and to keep with my local music scene theme I will introduce them. First, meet The Sassafras Union,

        From left to right: Phil Salucci, Kate Feldtkeller, Benjamin Ayers,  Madalyn Hunt, Jaren Rowan, Joe Malfo

The Sassafras Union is a local band (for me that is) from Santa Maria, California. Not only is this group great, they are also all friends of mine. Ok so that may make be biased, but I do really love their talent. Sassafras has been together for about two years now and have a great fan base in our area. They are a mix of folk, indie, rock, blues, and americana. All of the members are incredible musicians and can play just about anything and everything. Phil is one of the vocalist and the guitar magician.  Kate is the violinist. Ben is the founder of Sassafras. He is a vocalist, guitarist, banjo(ist?), and pretty much anything else. Maddy is a vocalist, and also plays the cello. Jaren is the drummer and occasional glockenspiel player. And, Joe is the bass player. They have such great talent and work so well together and three of them are still in high school! They also have a facebook page here.

If you would like to take a listen here are the tracks from their EP.

Secondly is Briertone.

The concert was a release party for their new EP. This local band is a mix of indie, and southern rock. Here is their newest music video which also premiered at the concert. And like my last post's video, you can see the surrounding hills and raw country of my corner of the world.

Let me know what you are listening to, for I adore finding new music and greatly appreciate listening suggestions!

Here's to a great Wednesday evening!

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Your blog is a dream come true. Not only do you have awesome style, but great taste in music as well! I'm so glad I found it. Following now <3

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