Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So it seems as though this blog of mine is morphing into something entirely different than what I first anticipated. At the creation of this blog I thought that I would be strictly fashion blogging. Most of the blogs I read are fashion blogs so it seemed very logical. This blog had other ideas though. And so I am glad to say that this place is now formally a music inspiration blog. A music blog with fashion and photography and my other various hobbies sprinkled about here and there.

I have been an adoring fan of this weeks musical artists for many many years now! They hail from Tyler TX.  If you are not yet acquainted, meet... Eisley

    Eisley is a family affair with the three ladies and the gentleman on the right being siblings and the other gentleman a cousin. They are Chauntelle, Garron, Sherri, Weston, and Stacy DuPree. I love that they are related! It makes them feel really genuine. They have instant chemistry.  The seeds of the band were planted around 1997 when they were just youngsters and the inspiration for their name is just as amazing. If you are a Star Wars fan you probably already know. The name Eisley was inspired by Mos Eisley, a location from the Star Wars universe. And, what makes me love them even more is that they were home-schooled. For you see, I was home-schooled and I loved every minute of it.

Eisley is a rock band, but be warned that they are not your average rock outfit. In my own words I would classify their sound as fantastical, dream-like rock/pop.  They have three full length albums out and multiple EP's.  Their first album (Room Noises) is filled with dream-like tunes with lovely and magical lyrics of rabbits and being lost at sea. It is very youthful and full of lovely imagery. Moving ahead to their newest album, (The Valley) you can really see a new level of maturity. Their lyrics are less fantastical and are filled with the difficulties of life and heartbreak. Though the lyrics are not as magical as they once were their music still sinks into the soul and is magic to this girl's ears.

I have loved them from the moment  I first heard their music. So here is a bit of a listen. The first video is from their first full length album (Room Noises). The second is from their newest album (The Valley). The third is just one of my favorite songs from Eisley off of their 2006 EP (Final Noise).

The portraits in the last video were taken by the girls with their little sister. I hope you all enjoyed Eisley.
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Anonymous said...

these guys are great. i first saw their video for "marvelous things" like 10 years ago (is that possible?!) I can't believe I haven't bought an album yet. that is now on my to-do list :o)

Amara said...

I tried to link the marvelous things video to the post (It is one of my favorite songs of theirs) But the video was not available to imbed. oh well. I am glad I could put them back on your radar. It is neat to find other people who have heard of them too. =)

Indy said...

Ha, those band photos are awesome.